About Pressing Vinyl

REAL Pressed Vinyl for Independent bands and artists.

PressingVinyl.com packages are:

  • Affordable
  • Quality Record Pressings
  • High Quality Printing
  • Can be designed online!!!
  • NEW! Available in only 6 - 8 weeks!

These vinyl pressing packages are a GAME CHANGER for independent artists and small bands! With our proprietary manufacturing system, vinyl records (LPs) are a profitable choice for your band. You can order as few as 50 records for your band and the cost entry point is lower than any other vinyl package. Our record packages are so affordable, it allows you to re-sell your records with a profit margin.

How much can I make selling Vinyl at my Merch Table?

Example: If you sell your 12"
Vinyl records for $30 each...
50 Records:
from $16.99 each
$13 per unit
or $650!
100 Records:
from $11.50 each
$18.50 per unit
or $1850!
150 Records:
from $9.99 each
$20 per unit
or $3000!
200 Records:
from $7.85 each
$22 per unit
or $4400!

All prices are in USD$. Freight is extra.

After years of research and development, we have released the most affordable high-quality pressing packages in the world.
We bring you the best vinyl pressing value and quality for your dollar…


How does PressingVinyl.com do this?

PressingVinyl.com’s proprietary process:

  • eliminates costly lacquers from the manufacturing process
  • reduces steps and time to get stampers to press
  • presses your vinyl up to 20 minutes length per side (max. side length)
  • provides DESIGN ONLINE features to reduce the artists’ set up costs
  • uses up to 10% recycled vinyl used in record making process, allowing for best sound quality and least environmental impact
  • eliminates the Test Press. Our inhouse Quality team does the work
  • automates the ordering process online to reduce service cost
  • utilizes the most advanced short run printing capabilities to provide the best-looking final products!

The result?

A great-sounding and great-looking record that YOU (the artist) can be proud of.. and make $ from

What can you expect to receive from PressingVinyl.com?

You can expect a real vinyl record pressing! These are AUTHENTIC, PRESSED PVC VINYL RECORDS in a REAL 20pt. standard thickness printed record jacket, that are professionally shrink-wrapped and ready for you to sell at gigs to your fans.



What do you need to provide us?

1. Choose your package online. You can select your quantity (50, 100, 150 or 200 12”, etc 12" LPs or 7" Singles) and pick Standard Black or Color Vinyl…and either choose to DESIGN ONLINE or UPLOAD YOUR PRINT-READY ARTWORK.

2. Once you have checked out and paid for your order, you will receive an email with instructions to transfer your AUDIO, Track Listing Form, and RIGHTS DECLARATION FORM.

AUDIO: We professionally cut your masters from your highest quality audio files. If you have 24bit audio WAV files, you can submit these after you have placed your order. If you only have 16bit or CD-quality WAV or AIFF files, we can work with those too! Note: we don’t recommend mp3 files – these are usually too compressed to produce good results (if it is all you have, we will cut them, but please note that the quality of the final product may be affected by poor source files). IMMPORTANT! The maximum side length for 12" records for this service is 20 minutes per side at 33 RPM. If your side length exceeds 20 minutes, you will need to either EDIT your tracks to reduce the lengths, or drop a song to reach the max length. For 7" records, the max side length is 4.5 minutes at 45 RPM. You will receive a link with instructions to upload your files to us after you check out.

Tracklisting Form: we will send you this form to fill out your tracks for the A and B sides. We will follow the track order on this form to prepare your master. You will receive this form with a link and instructions to upload the Tracklisting to us with your audio and Rights form.

Rights Form: This form tells us that you are the owner of the music rights or have permission to press the music to vinyl. You will receive this form with a link and instructions to upload it to us with your tracklisting and audio files above.

3. In 6 - 8 weeks, we will ship you your finished vinyl records and you can start making money at your shows, events, on your website, etc.

PresingVinyl.com records quality is very high.

Our inhouse QC department will check your pressing to make sure:

We check the following:

  • Audio/Surface noise is an acceptable range
    • Pops/and surface noise are a part of vinyl, but we work to keep these to a minimum reasonable level.
  • That the audio matches the tracklisting for both sides.
  • We check for any Off-center pressings
    • We check that your records are centered.
  • Warping
    • We check to make sure any warp or cupping is at a minimum tolerance

SUPER CHARGE your profits at your shows and events.

Your fans are asking for Vinyl… now you can give it to them.

PressingVinyl.com specializes in short run records.

If you need more than 200, please message us for a quote and we will connect you to an associate near you.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Please message us and let us know what you need…we will connect you with a sales associate.